About CymbalStore

CymbalStore.com A Los Angeles based online cymbal store company. Company is operated under Los Angeles Base – Sazca Musical Instruments and Supplies Corporation.

CymbalStore.com‘s main goal high quality cymbals present to our customers. Customer satisfaction is very important for cymbalstore.com Their satisfaction is very valuable for us. We provide them all information starting shopping card thru Cymbals deliveries their address.

We have shipping facilities in Los Angeles and Istanbul Turkey. We ship our cymbals with FeDex from Istanbul and we ship cymbals USPS and FeDex from Los Angeles. If we don’t have your order in Los Angeles facility, we ship from Istanbul. Some days, our Istanbul Facility shipping are much faster than Los Angeles Facility. Shipping time is if cymbals our stock in Istanbul or Los Angeles takes 3-4 business days to arriving to you. But if we out of stock that cymbal order, your order is getting to ready until 2 weeks in Custom for you traditional Turkish cymbal manufacturing process.